Our Staff and Leadership

The С槼ֱ faculty and staff are accomplished and well-received professionals in their areas of expertise. They are committed to providing our students the best instruction and guidance as the young performers prepare for advanced education and careers as professional musicians and dancers. Our staff and faculty also are key supporters of the Los Angeles cultural arts community.

Board of Directors


Andrew Millstein, Chairman
Carol Colburn Grigor, Life Chairman Emeritus

Vice Chairmen

David D. Colburn
Diane Naegele


Daniel L. Avchen
Henry Choi
Bethany Coffee
Richard W. Colburn
Alice Coulombe
Linda Curtis
Jennifer F. Diener
Darren Edwards
Juan Carlos Gonzalez
Greg Guyett
Carol F. Henry
Catherine Colburn Høgel
William Kennedy
Molly Kirk
Aliza Lesser
Robert E. Lewis
Allan Marks
Beverly C. Marksbury
Worthy McCartney
Greg McWilliams
Ann Moore
Mahnaz Newman
Heinrich Schelbert, M.D., Ph.D
Harry B. Suh
Keith Terasaki
Dylan Yolles

Honorary Life Directors

Robert S. Attiyeh
Toby E. Mayman

In Memoriam

David N. Barry
Iona Benson
Edmund D. Edelman
Robert B. Egelston
Warner Henry
Ann Ronus

Executive Leadership

Sel Kardan
President and Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Kallend
Vice President, Communications

Maeesha Merchant
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Annie Wickert
Senior Vice President of Philanthropy and Director, Capital Campaign

Mira Wolff
Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel

Nathaniel Zeisler, DMA

Academic Leadership

Lee Cioppa
Dean, Conservatory of Music

Susan Cook
Dean, Community School of Performing Arts


Artistic Administration and Career Development

Nick Gianopoulos, Artistic Administration Manager

Audio Visual

Francesco Perlangeli, Manager, AV
Sergey Parfenov, AV Technician
Derek Williams, AV Technician

Center for Innovation and Community Impact

Laia Pujol-Rovira, Jumpstart Coordinator
Olivia Richardson, Community Engagement Coordinator
Tracy Wong, Department Coordinator

Colburn Café

Steven Doner, Certified Professional – Food Safety, Foodservice Management Professional, Manager, Cafe Finance Operations


Kali Blevins, Marketing Manager
Justo Diaz, Web Manager
Anne Ericksen, Senior Editor
Anneke Hiatt, Senior Graphic Designer
Abby Mahler, Communications Coordinator
Kay Marsh, Director of Marketing and Audience Development
Haley Nunez, Enrollment Marketing Manager
Bonnie Poon, Graphic Designer

Community School of Performing Arts

Kenia Agaton, Student Services Coordinator
Dan Gonda, Operations Specialist
Timothy Lewis, Program Manager
Ron Mitchell, Ensembles and Student Services Specialist
Arnulfo Reyes, Marketing and Program Specialist
Josiah Vietti, Orchestra and Student Services Coordinator

Conservatory of Music

Jessica Cameron, Assistant Dean, Administration and Operations
Allison Andreas, Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Caitlyn Chenault, Performance Librarian
Chris Cho, Manager of Performance Activities
Lin Phoong, Registrar


Tom Ochoa, Director of Engineering/Chief Building Engineer
Joseph Arechiga, Engineer
Miguel U. De Leon, Engineer
Gloria Hernandez, Janitorial Manager
Tom P. McDonald, Operating Maintenance Engineer
Miguel Angel Meza, Operating Maintenance Engineer
John Ryan, Assistant Chief Engineer


Ramon Alvarez, Director, Budget and Reporting
Bethel Datingaling, Director of Accounting
Evelyn Garcia, Accounts Receivable Specialist
Aliana Lungo-Shapiro, Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis
Sherry Rotia, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Manager
Karla Talavera, Senior Accountant
Teresa Wong, Senior Accountant

Human Resources

Daniel Monge, Payroll and Human Resources Analyst
Sarah Rodriguez, Payroll Manager
Michelle Salinas, Sr. Human Resources Generalist

Information Technology

Oyvind Dossland, Director of IT
Efrain Cornejo, IT Associate


Deborah Smith, Director of the Library; Director of Academic Programs, Conservatory of Music
Christopher Garcia, Senior Assistant for Technical Services
Eva Della Lana, Senior Assistant for Public Services
Brendan Morris, Archivist, Herbert and Trudl Zipper Archives

Music Academy

Allison Andreas, Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Jenna Gundersen, Music Academy Administrator
Julie Ann Link, Manager, Music Academy

Office of the President

Parisa Zaeri, Executive Associate, Office of the President


Victor Pineda, Assistant Vice President of Operations and Facilities
Randy Osherow, Facilities and Special Projects


Nina Zhou Girard, Assistant Vice President of Philanthropy
Ali Bell, Philanthropy Officer
Amy Bryan, Philanthropy Officer
Luis Castro, Jr., Philanthropy Data Systems Manager
Tristen Gacoscos, Event Coordinator
Tara Grand, Director, Office of Events and Special Programs
Kelly Gray, Philanthropy Officer
Talar LaSalle, Philanthropy Associate, Design
Lindsay Nuckel, Philanthropy Communications Coordinator
Nadine Rousseau, Philanthropy Officer
Alyssa Solis, Philanthropy Associate, Operations
Kevin Tsao, Philanthropy Officer
Jessica Truelyt-Knox, Director, Campaign and Philanthropy Operations

Piano Technology

Neema Pazargad, Director, Piano Technology
Sammi Lee, Piano Technician Coordinator
Ryan Maas, Piano Technician
Chris McKelway, Piano Technician
Scott Reitz, Piano Technician
Jesse Reyes, Piano Technician

Provost’s Office

Donna Yoo, Vice Provost for Academic and Student Affairs
Violet Ketskarova, Assistant Director of Student Services


Sogol Aliabadi, Rentals Associate
Esteban Chim, Production Assistant
Rachel Drudi, Facilities Scheduler and Rentals Manager
Luis Hernandez, Production Assistant
Paul Loera, Stage Production Assistant Manager
Ruben Lopez, Production Assistant
David Mencos, Production Manager
Randy Osherow, Facilities and Special Projects
Elmer Pacheco, Stage Production Assistant Manager
Peter Phol, Production Assistant
Pedro Ruiz, Office Service Coordinator
Alexx Zachary, Production Coordinator

Residence Life

Erica S. Smith, Manager, Residential Life Services and Summer Housing Programs
Wyatt Allen, Head Counselor
Corey Dundee, Residential Advisor
Cynthia Kamurigi, Residential Academy Coordinator
Sage Ousley, Residential Advisor
Ariel Thomas, Residential Advisor
Chimera Wilson, Residential Advisor
Brevin Woodford, Residential Advisor


Sandra Gendron, Director of Security

Trudl Zipper Dance Institute

Janie Taylor, 2024-25 Artistic Director
Gavin Kelley, Interim Administrative Director
Brian Alexander, Studio Manager
Jessica Martin, Dance Office Assistant