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Join us in the Alumni Office as we catch up with Colburn alumni to talk about life after Colburn, diving into their stories to explore a wide range of topics. From landing the job to pursuing creative ventures, alumni share their insight with aspiring students and artists at Colburn and around the globe.

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  • Minisode 10: Makiko Hirata

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    As part of Colburn’s Next Up Series, which showcases alumni, we’re speaking with the alumni curators of each program and sharing these conversations as minisodes. In this episode, we speak with Makiko Hirata, who has curated our final Next Up program of the 2021-22 Season. Her program will explore the life and music of Ernst Toch in historical context, performing pieces in chronological order with narration from Toch’s grandson, author Lawrence Weschler. The program begins with the Brahms and Mozart of Toch’s early days in Europe—before fleeing the influence of Nazi Germany—through Toch’s very last piano pieces written in Southern California in 1962.

    The concert takes place in Thayer Hall on Thursday, May 12. Register for the concert.

    Music in this Episode

    JAMES STEPHENSON Celestial Suite for Brass Quintet
     V. Hawking
    Jackson Prasifka, Horn
    Diego Stine, Tuba
    Gracie Potter, Trombone
    Forrest Johnston, Trumpet
    Tyler Norris, Trumpet


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