Colburn Playlists

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We’re asking members of our community to help amplify the diverse voices that have inspired them. With Colburn Playlists, you can discover new artists, find unique performances, and hopefully, pass along your favorite finds to your friends.

The Women of Suzuki in the Community School of Performing Arts

In this playlist, Rumi Shimasaki, Nancy Yamagata, and Connie Sheu from the Suzuki program in the Community School of Performing Arts share works from women that have inspired them.

Lee Secard on Jazz

Saxophonist and Chair of the Colburn Jazz Workshop in the Community School of Performing Arts, Lee Secard put together his comprehensive picks for important performances by Black jazz musicians.

Alumna Sara Sithi-Amnuai on Women in Music

Sara Sithi-Amnuai is a professional musician, composer, and creative technologist based in Los Angeles, California. Her recent work focuses on the intersection between identity, improvisation, and live performance interaction between the performer’s body and their instrument through gesture and sound.

In this playlist, Sara shares works from women that have inspired her.

Dr. Ray Briggs on Jazz

Dr. Ray Briggs teaches the History of Jazz for master’s students in the Conservatory of Music. He is also the Assistant Director of Jazz Studies and an Associate Professor of Music at California

Watch his short pre-talk for great insights and the history behind the groundbreaking jazz pieces he selected.

Amplify Artists 2021

Learn more about the works written and performed by Black artists that have inspired the inaugural cohort of Colburn’s Amplify Series, which celebrates the careers of artists of color.

Nokothula Ngwenyama, Viola, Community School ’93
Andrew Brady, Bassoon, Conservatory ’13
Marlon Martinez, Bass, Conservatory ’15
Silas Farley, Incoming Dean of the Trudl Zipper Dance Institute