Adaptive Music


Designed for children and adults with special needs, the Adaptive Music Program uses music and related experiences, including music lessons, to address psychosocial needs and to improve one’s quality of life

This program provides students with academic or learning challenges the opportunity to express themselves musically, interact, and learn to play a musical instrument in a therapeutic environment. A structured music-based assessment is provided, including assessment of motor skills, behavioral, social, emotional levels, attention and communication ability. The music specialist is in contact weekly with parents. A written summary is provided at the end of the year.

Assessment and Parent Meetings

For a one-time fee of $150, music specialist Francesca Bori provides a structured music-based assessment, including assessment of motor skills, behavioral, social and emotional levels, attention, and communication ability. Yearly written summaries and monthly meetings with parents, if required, are provided to review the progress of the student.

Adaptive Music Program Specialist

Francesca Bori has been a member of the Colburn Community School’s cello and early childhood faculty for over 30 years and has experience working with individuals who present learning and social challenges for more than 25 years. Francesca Bori holds a Bachelor of Music and a Certification in Music Therapy from California State University Long Beach.

Ms. Bori also works with and offers advice to fellow colleagues and faculty members to aid students with varied learning styles.

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