Early Childhood Creative Arts Program

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Explore the Early Childhood Creative Arts Program before the start of the 2024–25 year, in our free, family-friendly Open House on July 20.

Sing, Move, and Play

Embark on your child’s journey in the performing arts! We offer a sequential curriculum designed to support the cognitive, creative, and social development of children ages 7 months to 6 ½ years.

Discover Our Sequential Curriculum

Our program is inspired by a rich diversity of approaches, such as the internationally recognized Kodály and Orff methods, which provide a supportive and interactive learning environment for young children. Our expert instructors use a variety of activities, including singing, playing instruments, and moving to music, to foster children’s natural musicality and expressiveness.

As students approach 4 to 5 years of age, different areas of instruction open up for them at Colburn. They may remain in the Early Childhood Creative Arts Program and continue to develop fundamental skills in music and movement, or they can branch out into Drama, Dance, Suzuki, and more.

What Comes Next?

Get to Know the Department Chair, Dr. Nita Baxani

Dr. Baxani has held leadership roles in arts programs and schools in both the United States and Germany. She received a Doctor of Education degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, where her dissertation focused on the musicality of infants within a childcare community. Her work in creating new programs and curriculum design is collaborative in nature and covers a variety of pedagogical approaches that foster an inclusive child-centered environment. As an arts advocate, Dr. Baxani enjoys creating programs and cultivating partnerships with schools and community and cultural organizations.

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Benefits for Children and Parents

Classes employ developmentally appropriate materials to encourage growth in key areas such as:

  • Social and emotional development
  • Cognition
  • Motor skills

Caregivers are a child’s first teachers, so your involvement in our classes is crucial to your child’s progression through the curriculum. By attending classes with your child, you will continue to strengthen the connection with your child while laying a foundation for their continued artistic growth at Colburn.

One of our goals is to support students as they work towards independence. As your child progresses through the curriculum, the level of your involvement in class may change.

3-year-old student Yuliana Gomez
These classes have been very important for my daughter’s upbringing and development. I don’t speak a lot of English, so the classes are a great way for my daughter to learn English words through music. Juana Sajbin, mother of Yuliana Gomez-Sajbin (pictured)

Enroll for the fall semester

Open enrollment for new students opens on July 15. To enroll in Early Childhood classes, please complete the inquiry form below. The Early Childhood Chair, Dr. Nita Baxani, will follow up with you to determine the appropriate class placement for your child.

Early Childhood Inquiry Form

What Comes Next?

As students approach 4 to 5 years of age, they have the option to explore music and dance in both the Community School of Performing Arts and the Trudl Zipper Dance Institute. Both programs offer a range of options for young students including group piano and guitar, pre-ballet, Suzuki strings and guitar, and more.

Students at this age also have the option to continue their journey in the Early Childhood Program! We have several classes for children ages 4+ that prepare them for more in-depth study later on. Exploring the Keys is a great way for those interested in piano to build their keyboard skills and musical awareness, and our newest class, Singing More, prepares students for the Children’s Chorus by introducing them to ensemble singing.

Explore Colburn’s offerings for young students below.

Discover Music and Drama

Discover Dance

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact the Community School office at cspa@colburnschool.edu or 213-621-4548. Thank you!