Aspiring pre-college musicians accepted into the Colburn Music Academy receive comprehensive and specialized instruction from our outstanding faculty. The Music Academy diploma program consists of a two-year curriculum, following the traditional academic calendar of late August through early May.

Private Instruction

Weekly private one-on-one musical instruction with our talented faculty is at the core of the Colburn Music Academy. Progress is assessed each year with a required performance jury.

Chamber Music Studies

At the Music Academy, we believe chamber music studies help young students develop into well-rounded musicians. Students receive weekly chamber music coaching with our experienced instructors. Additionally, performances with small ensembles encourage students to collaborate with their peers.

Fundamental Skills

The development of fundamental skills such as movement, stage presence, and musical expression is crucial to the artistic development of our pre-professional students. Beginning Fall 2019, the Music Academy is offering a new curriculum track for students who live on or near campus. Each weekday morning, students will take classes that include eurhythmics and improvisation, movement, choir, basic conducting, piano skills (for non-pianists), as well as duo coaching and continuo training (for pianists).

Music Theory, Ear Training, and Music History

There’s more to becoming an accomplished musician than just expanding your instrumental repertoire. Music Academy courses on music theory and ear training are designed to supplement your musical knowledge. You’ll learn about the basics of diatonic harmony, 19th century chromatic harmony, and 20th century techniques, as well as contemporary analysis. Other topics examine advanced modulation, the breakdown of tonality, and an analysis of larger forms. New students will be evaluated during the orientation process for appropriate placement in these courses. Music Academy students enjoy a comprehensive music history curriculum, adding context to deepen your understanding of your craft.

Academy Performances

We understand that, for aspiring musicians, the opportunity to perform is invaluable. At the Colburn Music Academy, you’ll have numerous chances to practice your performance skills, both on and off campus. A bi-weekly Music Academy Young Artist Performance concert series gives you plenty of opportunities to play recital-ready repertoire for fellow students, faculty, and the public.

Master Classes and Guest Artists

The Colburn Music Academy faculty are accomplished musicians and instructors committed to providing our students with the best education. We also believe students can benefit from the experiences and knowledge of guest artists, educators, and experts in music and performance-related subjects. We bring in renowned professionals to conduct master classes, lectures, and coaching sessions throughout the school year.

Community Outreach

Being a well-rounded musician includes the ability to communicate your musical knowledge and ideas with others. One way to develop those skills is through our community outreach program, where you work individually with beginning musicians from a local charter school.

Career Development

You’ve probably already been thinking about a career as a professional classical musician. Our experienced faculty and staff can help you figure out what that career may look like, and how to get there. Additionally, our career development team can offer their guidance on competitions, auditions, summer programs, and college applications.

Presentational Skills

We want to give Colburn Music Academy students as many tools to succeed as possible. Celebrated dramaturge Debbie Devine has designed a one-of-a-kind course through which students will learn how to use body, voice, creative, and presentation skills. Often used by actors, the material has been adapted specifically to teach musicians how to make a deeper connection to their music, audiences, and fellow musicians.