COVID-19 Protocol

The С槼ֱ’s utmost priority lies in the health and safety of its students, families, faculty, staff, and visitors. Throughout the pandemic, the С槼ֱ has carefully monitored COVID-19 locally as well as county, state, and federal guidelines regarding educational institutions.

Thank you in advance for carefully following our guidelines below.

Current Mask Policy

The С槼ֱ has changed its general masking policy to align with the current State and County Health Department’s guidance, and indoor masking will be based on personal preference and is no longer required except as follows: Some instructors may continue requiring masks in their studios and classrooms and there may be times when masks are required in a meeting as determined by the person convening the meeting. The С槼ֱ fully supports these decisions. Accordingly, students should check with their instructor(s) regarding their masking policy and employees should keep a mask handy should one be required in a meeting. All employees, students, and guests are allowed to wear a mask if that is their personal preference and this decision should be treated with respect.

On-Campus Self-Testing Information

Colburn has a supply of over-the-counter self-tests that are available for faculty, staff, and students. These can be obtained from Security. As an organization, we will no longer be requiring testing prior to lessons or classes. However, self-tests will be readily available if there is concern that someone might be ill with Covid-19.

Students and Parents
Protocols for Dance on Campus

Public Events on Campus

Please visit our Patron Safety page for the most up-to-date guidance on attending our public events.

Additional Guidelines

Do not use any cleaning products on the pianos. Our production assistants and piano technology staff will be cleaning equipment frequently. If you wish to bring your own cleaning wipes, they may be used on doorknobs and furniture. They cannot be used on the piano as they damage the instrument.