Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Dance FAQs

Depending on the dance genre, students can start as early as 4 years old

Ballet: age 4

Creative Dance: age 4.5

Modern: age 8

Tap: age 7

Jazz Dance: age 9

Musical Theater: age 10

No, all Youth Dance Programs run on a year-round program from August through June, but space permitting, dancers can get an assessment after the start of classes for placement.

It depends on the genre of dance and the respective class’s capacity. Generally, we allow students to take a placement class, but acceptance is dependent upon the Chair’s evaluation. For more information, email dance@colburnschool.edu.

No, due to the rigorous physical demands of dance, we have a 36-week program with shorter breaks. You can find our calendar on our Dance Programs page.

Yes. Visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships page for more information.

Yes. There is a $40 fee for activating a payment plan and payments are made on the 15th of each month from the date of registration until March.

Levels I through Intermediate/Advanced Ballet and Modern levels perform in a Winter Dance Concert and a Spring Dance Concert. Creative Dance I, Creative Dance II, Pre-Ballet, Ballet Prep I and Ballet Prep II perform an in-studio performance in the Spring during regularly scheduled class times.

Advanced Tap and Musical Theater students perform in a Winter and Spring concert, while younger levels perform only in the Spring.

Yes. See our summer offerings here. Class offerings are subject to change.

Adult Dance FAQs

Dancers ages 15 and up can enroll in our adult dance classes. All ages above 15 are welcome!

Yes, Adult classes are on a semester basis with Fall and Spring enrollment. There will be an optional in-studio performance at the end of the Spring semester.

There is no dress code for adult dance class. We recommend something comfortable to move in such as leggings, sweatpants, gym tees, etc. The best footwear will depend on class type. Tap shoes should be worn for tap, bare feet for modern classes, and ballet shoes for ballet. If you do not yet have ballet flats, socks are also appropriate for beginner levels. Please note that our studio flooring can be damaged by anything sharp or gritty on the bottom of your shoes, so it’s important that outdoor shoes are not worn in the studios.

Yes. There is a $20 fee for activating a semester-long payment plan and payments are made on the 15th of each month from the date of registration until one month before the end of the term.

Adult students can participate in the optional year-end performance that takes place in our Grand Rehearsal Hall studio on campus. This informal showing will be choreographed during regular classes and all spring semester dancers are welcome to perform.