High School Coursework

The С槼ֱ prides itself on creating a tailored learning environment for each of our students so that they can reach their fullest potential as musicians, dancers, and human beings.

The fall of 2018 marked the first year of a pilot academic program provided by Oak Crest Academy (OCA), an accredited independent academic school for gifted and talented students. OCA will offer academic instructors and individualized learning programs on Colburn’s campus for a select number of students grades five through high school. OCA currently serves K-12 students on two campuses; Oak Park and the recently-opened Tarzana.

The Oak Crest program will allow efficiency and flexibility for families seeking more time to pursue their music studies while offering a rigorous academic education, and will include:

  • Learning Center at Colburn with credentialed teachers, Monday–Friday. At the OCA Learning Center, students will have access to teachers, computers, and other learning resources.
  • Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for each student to work at their own pace and at their own level, regardless of chronological age. The ILP is a personalized document that teachers and students develop to chart progress toward specific goals during each school year, to ensure they are on the path to graduation, and to determine what resources and tools they need to be prepared for a successful pathway in life after graduation.
  • Online or Textbook Option, so each student may choose to complete their course online, with traditional textbooks, or a blend of the two. The OCA online program includes a designated teacher for each course in addition to the teachers at the Learning Center. Students may work at their own pace with both options and will have 10 months to complete their yearly coursework.
  • Flexibility for each student, with individual learning plan that will include a schedule of work to be completed each week at school or home. Students can create a learning schedule that complements their performing arts schedule.
  • Calendar for OCA program will follow and work in conjunction with the Colburn calendar.
  • National and International Accreditation provides parents with the peace of mind that their child is attending a school that cares about quality.
  • Rigorous Curriculum provided for each student. OCA curriculum not only meets our standards, but also meets UC and A-G requirements. The schedule for an OCA student typically includes Science, English, History, PE, and Elective. OCA will provide PE credit for students involved in Colburn dance program or outside club sports.  Additionally, elective requirements may be met through participation in Colburn’s music offerings.
  • Transcripts and Report Cards are completed by OCA. Students in grades five through eight will receive narrative report cards each trimester. Unlike letter grades, which can encourage comparisons and divert attention from learning, narrative evaluations provide students with individualized information, placing student achievements and efforts in the context of their specific courses. Students in high school will receive transcripts with letter grades, as required by colleges.

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